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Basement Systems – Considerations When Waterproofing Your Basement Stamford, CT

Basement Systems – Considerations When Waterproofing Your Basement Stamford, CT

Lowering the floor of your basement (underpinning) is a great way to add some headroom and create a living space in your basement. It is less expensive than adding an extension to the building or a new floor.  It helps you make good use of available space while cutting down on costs.

Underpinning is an especially great option if you have a small lot or do not want to give up yard space to an extension.

If you choose to go with underpinning to increase your living space, there are several factors you will need to consider. Basement Systems | Stamford, CT | Budget Dry Waterproofing

  1. Hire an experienced foundation contractor

Working with the foundation of a home presents various unique challenges that aren’t a factor when working above grade. Issues such as stability and waterproofing need to be considered. These are issues that general contractors don’t deal with on a day to day basis.

It is important to hire an experienced contractor that specializes in working with foundations. They should be experienced with the specific basement systems you want installed in the basement. This will ensure that the job is done right the first time round. You will avoid costly mistakes this way.

  1. Waterproof your basement

Underpinning involves digging up the soil under the foundation to create more headspace in the basement. You would therefore have to consider having the space waterproofed to prevent water seepage once you finish the basement.

This is applicable even if you had your basement waterproofed previously. Choose basement systems that provide a comprehensive solution to water seepage to avoid having your investment in the finishing of your basement destroyed.

  1. Install an egress window

All your work won’t be worth anything if you don’t meet building code requirements for living spaces. These include the installation of an egress window. Building codes dictate the size, style and location of the windows. For example, windows should be large enough for an average-sized adult to climb into and out of in case of an emergency. They should also be located low enough to allow an average-sized person to climb out of without the need of assistive equipment such as a ladder.

A professional foundation contractor can help you with the selection and installation of an egress window. They will help ensure you meet building code requirements.

Involve a professional foundation contractor from the early planning stages. You’ll have a better chance of great results.

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