Basement Moisture in Hartford CT and False Water Tables

Basement Moisture in Hartford CT

Are you experiencing a basement moisture problem? It may be due to a false water table.

What are false water tables?

Sometimes you may think that your home is in an area with a high water table. However, it may be sitting on a false water table. This false water table is a phenomenon that occurs during the excavation of the foundation of your home.

During excavation, a large hole is dug in the ground. The soil that forms the edges and bottom of the hole is then hard-packed in preparation for laying the foundation. When the foundation has been completed, some soil is backfilled around the foundation walls. This soil is usually not compacted. Therefore, it is not as compact as the undisturbed soil that was not dug up in building of the foundation.

When it rains or snow water from the run off or melting snow flows in areas in the landscape that offer the least resistance. In many cases, this is in the direction of the loosely packed backfill around the foundation and away from the compact undisturbed soil.

The water accumulates in this area and continues to rise as more water flows to the area. The water in this soil may also rise as the water in the true water table below rises. As the water seeks to level itself and hydrostatic pressure builds, it pushes against the foundation walls. This results in basement moisture.

The false water table will continue to rise as long as more water continues to flow into the area of loosely compacted soil. This water can exert incredible pressure on the walls of the foundation when it rises above floor level and result in cracks.

Fixing the problem

Unlike with leaks occurring from natural high water tables, leaks that occur due to false water tables cannot be remedied using the commercial kits available today. The force exerted by the water table is too much and can cause serious damage down the line.

You will need a professional basement waterproofing contractor to solve the problem. This in many cases will mean excavating the area. A system that is specially designed to control the water and relieve pressure on the foundation walls will then be installed. This will depend on the circumstances of your particular problem.

False water tables can wreak havoc on basements. It is therefore important to contact a professional as soon as possible.