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Basement Finishing Tips: How Professional Services Can Give You More Space This Winter

Once again, another winter is knocking on our door. It never seems too bad at this point in the year, because the weather still fluctuates and there are plenty of warmer days when we can still get outside, but once we’re in the coldest and shortest days of winter, it’s nice to have some extra space. There’s still time to call for basement finishing services before winter settles in for good.

In January, February, and March, when the days are really short and temperatures are low, most people stay inside as much as possible. Cabin fever sets in and family members start to get impatient with each other. It’s then that your house suddenly seems to shrink, and it would be nice to have some space. Maybe you’d like another media space so some of the family can go watch a movie or play video games in another part of the house. Some people want a spot to place some exercise equipment so they can start working on their New Year’s resolutions. And many parents with young children want a space that children can run, play, and burn off some energy when going outside isn’t an option.

If you’d like to finish off your basement to gain some extra square footage in your home, but are lacking the time or skills, we can do it for you from top to bottom. Waterproofing, drywalling, egress windows, custom staircases, painting, crown molding, and built-in storage are just some of the things we can do to make your basement space you’ll look forward to spending some time this winter.

Cold, wintry days aren’t so bad when you’ve got a space you love. This winter, with a newly finished basement, instead of getting on each others nerves, family members can spread out and enjoy the new space. To get started on designing your lower level, contact us.

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