Avoid these Problems by Installing Exterior Drainage in Guilford CT

Exterior Drainage

Is your yard flooding? This is not an issue to be dismissed as a seasonal issue. Just because your feet are dry while in your home doesn’t mean that you should tolerate a flooded yard. Installing exterior drainage will help to ensure that you avoid many of the problems that a flooded yard can cause. These include:

  1. Damage to foundations

A flooded yard is never a good thing especially when you consider your foundation. Water will accumulate near your foundation and cause damage to the foundation walls. You will thereafter have to deal with moisture damage in your basement including mold infestations and basement flooding. You will also avoid the occurrence of bowing basement walls.

You can get rid of standing pools of water by investing in exterior drainage. This will ensure that your foundation is protected from water damage.

  1. Collapsing of retaining walls

If your home is on a hillside or near a steep slope, you probably have retaining walls that are meant to prevent the soil behind them from sliding down. These walls are susceptible to collapse when they are exposed to high levels of pressure. If your yard is flooding, chances are there is high hydrostatic pressure acting against the walls. This will cause failure of the walls. Repairing the damage resulting from the failure can be very costly.

  1. Erosion

Poor drainage of water from your yard will result in soil erosion. This will mean that you will have to invest in fertilizers and other remedies to restore your eroded yard. This can be very expensive and will not provide a long-term solution to encourage a healthy yard.

You can ensure a healthy-looking lawn by simply having an exterior drainage system installed in the yard.

  1. Damaged yard

Adequate drainage will ensure that your yard is conducive for the growth of plants. It will also ensure that the yard is pleasant to look at and use. A flooded yard is similar to a swamp environment. It is muddy and will result in the death of plants.

It doesn’t matter why your yard is not draining properly. Installing an exterior drainage system is vital for any yard that floods. Be sure to seek the assistance of a trained and experienced professional to ensure that the drainage system is designed to meet the requirements of your yard. A professional will make sure that your drainage system is efficient.