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A Complete Guide for Basement Egress Windows in Killingworth CT

Basement Egress Windows in Killingworth CT

Basement finishing is one of the most important home improvement projects you can undertake. This project not only gives you extra space in your room but also helps deal with moisture problems in the basement and improves indoor air quality in the entire house. If you are in the process of finishing your basement, there are many factors you have to consider.

Whether you want to turn this space into a study, guest room, kids’ room or a games room, it is important to install a high quality egress window for various reasons. Basement egress windows are required for basements and all other sleeping rooms in the International Building Code (IBC). An operable emergency and rescue opening is necessary for these spaces to allow easy access to fire fighters or other rescuers.

Bring Your Home Up To Code

If you have a finished basement that doesn’t have a direct means of egress or entry and you want it to be classified as a living space, you need to talk to a basement contractor to get an egress window installed. This installation enables you to easily bring your home up to code.

Why Install and Egress Window?

In addition to adhering to the local building code, there are other reasons basement egress windows have become popular with homeowners. Take a look:

  1. Adding functionality to the basement: Whether you have transformed your unfinished basement into a study or guest room, you can make it more functional by adding natural light. While there are many indoor lighting systems you can use, nothing beats natural light flowing through an egress window.
  2. Improved indoor air quality (IAQ): One of the major concerns in the basement environment is poor air quality, but this can easily be solved with installation of an egress window. This space will always feel fresh and more importantly, there is no accumulation of pollutants including VOCs, mold and Radon gas.
  3. Convenience: In addition to providing safe means of escape during an emergency, basement egress windows also allow anyone using the room to have more convenient access as opposed to using the main entry. This entry also allows you to rent out this space if need be.

Installation of these access points requires high levels of technical expertise and the right tools for excavations, wall cutting, measurements, finishing and much more. This is where a basement contractor comes in handy. They understand the building code and will ensure your egress window is aesthetically appealing and also meets the legal requirements.

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