5 Steps to Effective Basement Moisture Control in Killingworth CT

Basement Moisture Control

Have you been down to your basement lately? Most likely, you dashed in and the next minute you were out. They say ‘out of sight out of mind’ and most homeowners apply this thinking when dealing with their basements. One major problem that comes with such neglect is basement moisture caused by leaky walls and floors.

With time, the wooden foundation joists rot away, thus compromising the integrity of your property.  Your family is also exposed to toxic mold spores, which lead to respiratory complications. To avert such risks, you need to get timely solutions to this water problem before they ruin the property.

Here are some steps to follow in order to bring your basement back to its former glory:

1. Identify the Problem

It is time you spent more time in the room to identify any underlying moisture problems.  Some of the signs to look for include damp carpet and clothing, water pools on the floor, peeling walls, musty odor, high levels of humidity, and cracks on the wall.

2. Ask for a Free Estimate

Basement foundation contractors give free estimates for waterproofing and remodeling services.  You should ask for several quotes from different local companies in order to identify the most affordable. The assessment must identify the underlying problem, how to deal with it, and the best waterproofing system to use in your home.

3. Pick the Best Contractor

Basement waterproofing services are only as good as the contractor who provides them. Even after getting the quotes, you need to do background checks on the contractors in order to learn about their integrity, efficiency, reputation, and time management record. It is important to read reviews and testimonials before hiring a foundation expert to assess their standing in the industry.

4. Learn about the Techniques Available

If you want to get the best basement moisture solutions, then take time to learn about some of the available options. You can consult the contractor during the initial assessment or take some time to research online. Some of the popular techniques used include external PVC waterproofing, interior drain, weeping tiles, and sump pump installation among others. You should also ask the contractor about the effectiveness and cost of each system.

5. Remodel

Once waterproofing is complete, take time to design and plan to remodel your basement. It can easily be turned into a storage room, a game room, kids’ play room, or bedroom among many other options. When the room is in constant use, it is easy to identify any other emerging basement moisture problems.

Get down to work today in order to make your basement more welcoming. You will enjoy the extra space available once the project is complete.