5 Steps for Ideal Basement Finishing in Killingworth CT

Basement Finishing in Killingworth CT

If you have a basement, you have probably thought of how you could use that space for something other than storage. When you finally decide to finish your basement and convert it to a livable space, it is an investment that you want to last a lifetime. With a great team, your basement can be finished so that it remains dry and is a healthy space for you and your family to enjoy. You can turn the basement into a playroom for your kids, a living area, entertainment area, a man cave or even a work space. Here are some of the steps taken for quality basement finishing:

  1. Waterproofing – This is something that must be done if the space is to be dry and livable. This will include waterproofing the walls and floor of your basement to ensure that moisture does not leak into the basement. By doing this, you will avoid leaking walls, mold, mildew, humidity, bad air quality and the like.
  2. Thermal barrier installation – This is the second step and it ensures that moisture does not come in through the walls. It will save you money on the cost of energy and it is a tax-deductible improvement on your home.
  3. Framing – Mostly wood is used in framing, however, anyone who prefers to go green can choose to use Galvanized studs. The framing ensures that all the trunk lines as well as other obstructions that are unsightly get hidden away preparing your walls for a great finish.
  4. Sheet rock – Actually, you can choose to use sheet rock, aqua fiber rock, dura rock or purple rock. Aqua fiber rock is the very best there is because it is very resistant to water, cannot be dented, fire retardant, and mold proof. Additionally, it looks very much like sheet rock, hangs like it and paints just like it too. It is however about 100 times stronger. Basement finishing that lasts a long time calls for the best as long as you can afford it.

Detailing – If you are going to do it, pull out all the stops. The details should be based on your design and can include crown molding, custom paint, trophy lights, recess lighting, panel doors and more. Depending on how you want to use the basement, design the interior so that no one can guess that they are in the basement once they come in. It should look just like any other floor in your home.

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