5 Invaluable Facts about Your Battery Backup Sump Pump

Battery Backup Sump Pump

You have seen the scene replayed many times on television. Homeowners are caught unawares by floods and their basements suddenly turn into dirty water pools. They lose priceless items, are forced to rebuild according to local laws and the financial turmoil plagues them for years to come.

To avoid such a predicament, it is time to appreciate the crucial role a battery backup sump pump plays in keeping your home safe. Before shopping for your backup sump pump, there are some factors to consider. It is crucial to remember the fundamental role this appliance plays is preventing property damage, and as such, never rush when it comes to purchasing one.

Here are 5 issues about these systems that you need to appreciate:

1. A Must-Have

Well, in most cases, these households have primary sump pumps in their basements. During freak storms, power normally goes out. This means the primary pump cannot function and if there is no backup your property is at risk of flooding. What’s more, your primary sump pump can get clogged or the float switch can conk just when it is needed. These are just some factors that make this a must-have appliance in your basement.

2. Battery Type

You can opt for a maintenance deep cycle marine battery or go for the latest technology in AGM batteries that require no maintenance. The AGM batteries also last longer which makes them ideal for heavy duty work in a battery backup sump pump.

3. Pumping Capacity

The capacity of any pump determines how effective it is against rising water levels. This is where a contractor comes in handy as they are able to assess your home and determine the capacity that is ideal. More importantly, you need a backup that matches the capacity of the primary pump or most preferably even exceeds it to ensure it continues working optimally when there is a power outage.

4. Functionality

The best backup sump pump works seamlessly and relies on technology for efficiency. Some of the factors to consider include automatically switching to battery power when the primary pump is down. Most of the contemporary backup pumps monitor battery and power conditions constantly and give alerts on the same.

5. Technology

You should leverage evolving technologies to guarantee protection of your home. For instance, there are some brands of the battery backup sump pump that can link with smartphones to allow alerts and emails when anything is the matter. What’s more, AC/DC systems enable operations off the wall current and revert to DC when power is off. This means the battery is not depleted.

It is time to get some backup and avoid a flooded home. Not only does flooding cause you untold financial strain, you will also be scarred emotionally. Why take the risk? Just invest in a high quality battery backup sump pump.