4 Common Problems to Expect with Basement Entry Doors

Basement entry doors are built to withstand a lot. They are designed to be resistant to the elements including rain, changes in temperature in wind. They are also designed to be resistant to mechanical wear and tear. They are much stronger than doors used in the interior of the home.

Despite this, these doors are not immune to problems. Over time, you will begin to notice problems with your basement entry door. Problems may range from sticking, creaking or air leaks. The following are some common problems to expect with basement entry doors:

  1. Sticking doors

Like many other doors in the home, you may find that your basement entry door sticks when you try to open or close it. This may be caused by several factors including a poor fit. It may also be caused by settling of the foundation of the house.

When repairing the door, it is important to investigate the actual cause. If the cause is settling, you will have to repair the foundation in order to prevent the door from sticking in future. You can then deal with the sticking door by adjusting or cleaning the hinges as well as finding the right fit for the space.

  1. Dents

Steel doors and entry doors made from other materials are likely to succumb to dents over time. This is often the result of mechanical damage from forces outside the home. While you may not be able to prevent the mechanical damage caused by exposure to the external environment, you can repair your door to improve its appearance. This can be achieved by smoothing the surface, priming the area and then repainting it.

  1. Air leaks

The basement is part of the home. If you want to ensure that you’re not losing energy from your home as a result of air leaks, you should ensure that all spaces are air tight. Basement doors are vulnerable to air leaks especially over time. You may have to replace your door with a more energy efficient one. If your door is already an energy efficient model, consider investing in repair. This may include replacing weather stripping and other parts of the door.

  1. Age

Basement entry doors can succumb to age too. If your door is old, weak and insecure, you should consider having your door replaced. Ensure that you choose a professional contractor for the best results in the replacement.