3 Ways to Stop a Basement Leak in Killingworth CT Until Professionals Can Help

Basement Leak in Killingworth CT

When one has a basement leak in their home, there is an expectation that there is a source for the problem. For this reason, people who live in a home with a basement leak often seek to supply a solution themselves. What they don’t know, however, is that most wet basement problems are only fixed by a professional, and any method a homeowner employs is often incredibly temporary.

For those who are seeking solutions, though, this blog post is for you. In it, we’ll provide you with 3 ways that you can help to curb basement water entry until a professional can intervene and assist you with your wet basement issues.

Look Outside

Sometimes, a leak can be traced back to your home’s water evacuation system. Gutters and downspouts become clogged over time. The clogs cause water to back up and fall down next to your home’s foundation. From there, the extra water pushes against your basement walls and further works itself into your basement.

Check Ground Slope

The area around your home’s foundation can also be a culprit for allowing basement water entry. When the grade leading from your home slopes towards your foundation instead of away from it, water runoff drains the wrong way. As more and more water accumulates next to your foundation, it penetrates the walls and finds entry into your basement.

Trees Cause Problems

Trees that are planted within 20 feet of your home can disrupt the ground next to your foundation and allow water to enter. Trees with particularly aggressive roots, like silver maples, need to have their roots checked. Other trees require less ground clearance, so do your research before you buy and plant new trees.

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