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3 Reasons Basement Egress Windows Fail

Top 3 Reasons Why Basement Egress Windows Fail

If you’re thinking about remodeling, renovation or ways to increase the value of your home when you sell it, you may be considering having an egress window installed in your basement. This will help to make your basement a legal living space and therefore increase the square footage of living space in your home.

The installation of egress windows offers high returns for homeowners whether they are interested in selling their homes or not. In many cases, this simple remodel will yield even greater returns than many bigger remodels.

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However, homeowners can only reap these returns if the egress windows are installed properly. The following are 3 common reasons egress windows fail:

  1. Improper installation

Egress window installation is not as simple as it looks. It involves many critical elements including the consideration of structural integrity of the foundation as well as waterproofing. It’s important to find a contractor that is not only qualified but also experienced in waterproofing and repairing foundations for the installation of the windows.

Proper planning for the installation should also be done to prevent water seepage after the installation of the window. The contractor’s plan should include a drainage system for the window well as sealing for the windows.

Work with a contractor that provides a warranty for the egress window system they are installing. This will ensure that you are covered for any failure that they are responsible for.

  1. Violating code

Building code provide strict guidelines for the installation of these windows. These guidelines should guide you in the selection of the window, its size, location and how it should be installed. Failing to adhere to code would result in the basement not being in compliance. You won’t be able to use it as a living space.

If the building inspector finds your egress window is not up to the standard of the code, you will not be able to list your additional space when you put your home on the market. You would have to spend more money and have a proper window installed.

  1. Poor choice of materials

Egress window systems are made from a wide variety of materials. It is important to ensure your windows are made from strong material that is durable. The material should be able to withstand exposure to fluctuating temperatures as well as moisture.

A professional contractor would be able to provide you with high quality materials that would enable you to reap the benefits of the installation for the long term.



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